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Campaign Questions: How would you rate the job performance of outgoing Comptroller Susan Combs? What has she done well, and what would you improve?

I believe she did the best she could with the situation she was given, but in the end she was a career politician who was concerned about re-election and the next office. It wasn't until she decided she was no longer going to seek public office that she became her most effective. I am reminded of a piece Ms. Combs wrote in the Wall Street Journal, and this dramatically changed my mind and opinion of her, that initially perhaps I judged to harshly. "Apathy costs money." - Susan Combs Texas Comptroller

She goes on to talk about how Americans need to understand what are all the players and entities that are taxing them, these taxes are to pay off debts, and you can't confront the creators of these debts if you don't know who they are. The ideas of the article are very much the corner stone and foundation of the Libertarian Party, and spoke to me with logic and reason. It is a wonderful article if you would like to read more.

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