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LWV-TEF Voters Guide Do you support updating the 2006 study on the economic impact of illegal immigration in Texas? Why or why not?:

Answer As Comptroller I will not waste the taxpayer's money on reports and studies that are best suited by the academic departments of the State's already funded Universities. This questions was recently updated and answered in March of 2014 by UTEP and NCBSI. (

Answer (Spanish) Como contralor, no gastaré el dinero de los contribuyentes en reportes y estudios que son más adecuados para los departamentos académicos de las universidades del estado ya financiadas. Esta pregunta se actualizó recientemente y se contestó en Marzo del 2014 por UTEP y NCBSI. ( documents/UAC%20Project%20 Site%20Visits/UTEP%20NCBSI%20Final%20Report%20 March%2020%202014.pdf)

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