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LWV-TEF Voters Guide The comptroller is the chief steward of the state’s finances. What measures do you support to ensure wise use of state money?:

Answer As I have said countless times we first have to fully understand what it is we are spending our money on and why. Once we have a clear understanding of that, then we can move to reducing our budget. After we've reduced our collective expenditures in the budget we can move to reduce taxes for everyone. (

Answer (Spanish) Como ya he mencionado innumerables veces, primero tenemos que entender completamente en qué estamos gastando nuestro dinero y porqué. Una vez que esté claro, podemos pasar a reducir el presupuesto. Después de reducir nuestros gastos colectivos en el presupuesto, podemos pasar a reducir impuestos para todos. (

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