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Marijuana Reform Stance

As much as citizens in any state wish to move to do away with ineffective legislation, there are two critical reasons to be deliberate. First, as intended by the Founders, the laboratory of democracy is working well. We can learn from the mistakes that Colorado makes in implementing decriminalization, and spare our citizens and neighbors the unintended harm of injudicious action. Secondly, the real act of decriminalization will occur at the federal level. Many thought our current President would ease regulations on marijuana, but he has only stepped up enforcement. Enacting legislation that decriminalizes marijuana would put Texans in the uncomfortable position of being further subject to federal scrutiny. When federal agencies are wielded as blunt instruments to harass citizens and infringe upon their liberties, we must push reforms in Washington first. As public servants, our primary duty is to those who have trusted us with elected office. To put them, needlessly, in Washington's crosshairs is an abrogation of that sacred trust.

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