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Questions from Texans - What has changed in your stances? When? Why?

What has changed in your stances? When? Why?  ‚ÄčI
have had the opportunity to talk with many members of the Libertarian Party of Texas some in person, more online but all have had stories to tell, and looking to me offer solace.  The one overwhelming and ringing message I got from
people is their feeling of isolation and alienation within our own party.  And those people being made to feel that way by others in the way of personal attacks.  I vow as a candidate  not condone personal attacks, based
on their sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or economic situation as a leader I will not tolerate that behavior.  Disagreements on policy, platforms, agendas, problems, and solutions all fair game to discuss and
compromise on in a civilized and respectful manner.  There is no reason there isn’t room for everyone and to listen to people’s ideas and questions.  Every time someone leaves the party, and that light goes out we all lose.

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