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Questions from Texans - What would you say are your top 3 concerns with how things are going in Texas and we can go from there?

What would you say are your top 3 concerns with how things are going in Texas and we can go from there?

1.) Creating a more fiscally transparent Texas Government through the use of technology, just like I did when I was at NASA and the US Army Contracting Command.  If we know where our money is being spent than we can make wiser decision on budget reductions, there by ultimately reducing the tax burden on Texans.  Currently only 45% of the revenue to run the state of Texas comes from taxes.  Roughly 35% comes from Federal Government Transfers.  Annually the State of Texas spends approximately $75Billion, with only $2.3Billion for the three branches
of Executive, Legislative, and Judicial departments.  What is the other 97% of the budget and what are we getting for it?

2.) Form a better fiscal educational outreach system for Texans.  To help educate and promote small business and consumers on taxes and business process for better job
creation.  Continue to support and promote the STEMs activities programs of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through the Texas Workforce Commission for all students in public, private, and home schooling. 
It is my goal is to give every Texan the chance to succeed through a variety of programs, that help our young people explore careers, provide tools and resources to help parents save and pay for future careers.  To offer programs and ways to contribute to those dreams that otherwise might not be obtainable.

3.) To faithfully execute my oath of office and safeguarding that I and no one in my administration performs any action
that violates the constitutions of the United States of America or the State of Texas.  The Comptroller is the watchdog and guardian that plots the economic course of the State of Texas and provides, guidance, and reports that
Legislators depend on to make wise and prudent decisions on expenditures. I can think of no greater responsibility than that of the person whom Texans trust with holding their wallets.

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