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Questions from Texans - Do you think that the government can dictate the right of assembly?

Kerry, that is a great question and I am so glad you asked that. The first amendment is the most important of our bill of rights, it gives us the people the guaranteed freedom to speak out in
opposition when we don't agree with the government or even each other. The second amendment is what guarantees our right to the first, and our founding fathers were wise enough to know their importance and put them in that order specifically. Now one thing many people forget is that everyone has these same civil rights, you, me, and the individual who’s speech you do not agree with.  However one individual’s civil rights only go so far as they infringe on
someone else’s. It has always bothered me when you have to apply for a permit and license to peacefully assemble.

One of the oddities that most people don’t know about me is that I am Ordained Minister. In my time I have performed five weddings, one of which was same sex couple. I have also given last rights to three individuals, and was the last thing they saw, and hand they held as they left this world on their journey to the next. Recently when I learned of the occasion I offered to perform the wedding for a young man and his fiancé. Not for any other reason than because it is the right thing to do, no matter what he has to say about me personally.  I do not have the right to judge him or his actions, that is something left to a higher authority than myself.

It has bothered me since I was a child that everyone wants special rights. If Justice and the Law were blind like they are supposed to be, and applied to every citizen equally then there wouldn't be a need. I believe that is what the Libertarian party is about is equality under the law. Through the political process we can effect positive change. Which is exactly why I am running for Comptroller.

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