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Star-Telegram - Do you agree with the abortion law passed last year by the Legislature and now being fought in the courts?

The office of the Texas Comptroller has no authority or influence over any medical procedures including abortions.  That being said as an Ordained Minister I personally believe all life is sacred especially that of new innocent life. It is not the government’s place to dictate medical procedures that is between a patient and their doctor the same as a priest and their parishioner or lawyer and their client.  These are corner stones to our society as relationships that shall not be violated by any doctrine of law.  I would always encourage adoption over abortion, and am grateful being the offspring of a single mother.  Any decisions as for what is best for someone else are not mine or anyone other than that person’s to make.  It is however the governments place to set safety standards acceptable practitioner minimum guidelines that must be follow to protect the public interest.

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