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The truth about the Texas Budget clear and easy...

Comparison of the last budget proposal-Fiscal Year Total Spending Percentage
2012-2013 $173.5 billion
2014-2015 $195.5 billion 11.5% Increase
Percentage wise this is where your money is going, and the problem is where to take money from.  Now you can see where it is going.  What would you cut to fund something else?  The frightening thing is that the final vote on passage stood at 29-2 with only two voting no, Sen. Wendy Davis of Ft. Worth and Sen. Sylvia Garcia of Houston. 

As Comptroller I will never lie or use emotional manipulation to coerce my fellow Texans, no matter how dire the circumstances you know you will always get the truth.  My name is Ben Sanders and I want to be the next Comptroller of Texas.  I am qualified and ready to lead.


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